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Pet Memorial Products for Dogs & Cats

Compassionate end-of-life care for pets and people is the heart of your practice. Our practice tools, like ClayPaws®, the original paw print kit, help you reach out to clients with heartfelt support.

​And, if “being there” for others proves challenging, our Veterinary Wisdom® Resource Center is here to help. Our Resource Center is packed with ways you can provide Bond-Centered Care and Pet Loss Support for clients without overextending your own energy and resources. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to learn more!


What Our Customers Say

Introducing our NEW Create the Loyalty Program

ClayPaws Loyalty Program Final WEBOur NEW customer loyalty program allows qualifying businesses to automatically earn points for every dollar spent on Veterinary Wisdom products. As soon as your next order, these points can be redeemed for FREE ClayPaws Kits!

Earn 3 points for every $1 spent!

      • 750 points = 2 Free ClayPaws Kits
      • 1250 points = 5 Free ClayPaws Kits
      • 2500 points = 15 Free ClayPaws Kits
      • 5000 points = 35 Free ClayPaws Kits

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How to Make a ClayPaws® Print

In this video, you’ll learn how to make a ClayPaws print using our tested print-making system. Learn how to:

  • Prepare the clay (00:29)
  • Make the impression (01:53)
  • Decorate the print (02:46)
  • Bake the print (03:43)
  • Finish for presentation (4:58)
  • Additional Resources (6:31)

For additional information, view our Instructional Chart or visit our FAQ section.

TIP: Enlarge video to full screen to better read instructions.

Why Choosing the ClayPaws® Brand Matters

“It is the hours and days immediately following a loss that a loved one needs something to hold on to that is of their pet.” – Kathleen Cooney, DVM

This video features, Dr. Kathleen Cooney, founder and director of education for the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA). In it, she explains why providing a ClayPaws print is so beneficial immediately following the loss of a pet and why using ClayPaws Clay for these invaluable keepsakes is so important.

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