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What Our Long-Term Customers Are Saying about ClayPaws® Kits
“We have been loyal ClayPaws® customers for 18 years and, in turn, ClayPaws® have created many loyal customers for us! In fact, our long-term customers have come to expect a ClayPaws® print with each pet they have had and say they look forward to having a collection of memories from each pet. Making ClayPaws® prints allows us to create a good experience during a difficult time for our customers.”
-Susie Marquardt, Practice Manager
Linden Heights Animal Hospital, Winchester, VA
Customer for 18 years
“For 18 years, we’ve only used ClayPaws® clay and we’ve always been very happy with it. And so have our clients! We have clients who have received a ClayPaws® print for one animal, then gotten a new pet. They tell us that, when their new pet dies, they hope to get another ClayPaws® print that matches the one they already have so their pets are remembered in the same way.”
-Dennis Stuart,
Village Animal Clinic, North Palm Beach, FL
Customer for 18 years

“We like you because you are convenient and easy to work with and your clay and packaging is consistent and easy to use! Additionally, you employ people with disabilities from Foothills Gateway in Fort Collins, CO, to package ClayPaws® Kits and we like supporting their work. Our customers are happy with our paw prints and the feedback is positive. That’s why we’ve been ClayPaws® customers for 17 years!”

-Ben Kemper, Operations Manager

Pet Cremation Services, Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO

Customer for 17 years

“We offer a free ClayPaws® print to all of our clients who have an animal euthanized and almost everyone chooses to receive one. When they are ready to leave our hospital, we send the
print home with them unbaked so they can personalize it themselves. We’ve been a ClayPaws
® customer for 18 years!”
-Janet Hanley, CVT, Assistant Manager
Arapahoe Animal Hospital, Boulder, CO
Customer for 18 years
“Our veterinarian, Dr. Beverly Creasy, is the person at our clinic who decorates and bakes our ClayPaws® Prints. She puts so much thought into personalizing them for each and every patient. The texture and workabilty [of your clay] has always been superior to any others we have tried. Our clients love them and the staff enjoys making them!”
-Chase Basilio, Office Manager
Hanover Green Veterinary Clinic, Boulder, CO
Customer for 18 years
“We have been ClayPaws® customers for 17 years because your clay is the highest quality. We send ClayPaws® prints home unbaked so families can add their own personal touches. The ClayPaws® prints we make are tangible memories that are cherished for years. We love your products and so do our customers!”
-Sarah Kreis
Rose City Veterinary Hospital, Portland, OR
Customer for 17 years
“We have been using ClayPaws® Kits for 14-15 years! We love them and our clients love them too! We surprise our pet parents with a ClayPaws® Print by sending the finished print to them a few days after their pet has passed. We’ve been able to easily adapt the print-making system to our needs. We sometimes personalize prints for our clients as well. We have a talented technician who has created beautiful prints. Some pet parents would like their print painted, some have scenes added to the print that depicts a favorite memory, or a pet’s favorite place and other clients prefer a plain paw print. We try to accommodate our clients if we can. We’ve received many cards and comments from our clients thanking us for their prints and letting us know how much they mean to them. If our clients have already received a print from one pet they don’t hesitate to make sure they will be receiving another print when they experience another pet loss. They love them. Thank you for providing this product!"
-Peggy, Practice Manager
Kingdom Animal Hospital, Bryan TX
Customer for 14 years
"As a Tech, most of the time we get so attached to the patients as well as the owners. It's something I've used as a coping mechanism for myself as well because death is the saddest part of our job. So it brings me such joy to help enhance a piece of our owners’ pets for them and really make it a special memory."
-Britney, Veterinary Technician
Kingdom Animal Hospital, Bryan TX
Customer for 14 years
What Pet Parents Are Saying About ClayPaws® Kits:


“After saying goodbye to my beloved yorkie, Bear, his veterinarian asked if I would wait ten minutes so they could make me a paw print.  I agreed but did not expect what I would get back.  They brought it out to me, my baby’s paw print in clay, and not only that, but his name and two hearts by his paw.  A while ago, when my mother passed away, she had a heart blanket covering her.  Now, whenever I see hearts, I know she is with me.  Seeing those hearts near his paw print let me know that Bear is with my mom.  In a world where we are quick to criticize everything, it is important to also say thank you when someone does something meaningful.  I want to thank whoever came up with this idea and product.  It has brought me so much comfort to know I will always have a piece of my Bear.”

–Laura Colton, Pet Parent, AZ


"I would like to pass along how much ClayPaws® means to me and my family. My sixteen year old yorkie passed away last weekend. He was one of our children. We got him two years before our oldest child was born. My kids had always had him in the house with them. After rushing him to an emergency vet where we had to make the most difficult decision that we did not want to make, the assistant asked if we would like a Claypaw®. I can't tell you how much it means to us to have his paw print. What a wonderful creation for families during this sad time."

-Deborah A., Pet Parent, Athens, GA


"I really appreciate what ClayPaws® does and it's truly a blessing. It helped me receive closure from the passing of my 18 year old dog named Buddy on the 7th. We got him as a puppy when I was 6 and now I'm 25. He was with me all my life growing up. Now I have more memorabilia of him other than just pictures. My ClayPaw® is my favorite item of memorabilia of his though and was done in such a perfect looking job. God Bless."

-Brandon W. Wilkins


"Our Veterinarian at Lillington Veterinary Hospital offered to make one of these when we had to put our BUDDY HOLLEE down on July 3, 2013 and I just love it and am so happy they did this for us, because at that time we were so devastated at the time that we would've never known about this! You have an AWESOME product and I will HIGHLY recommend you guys to anyone I come in contact with. Thank You!!!"

-Kathy Couture Strachan Kamins, Pet Parent


"I had to stop by your website to tell you how much your paw print I received from the vet hospital meant to me. I lost my baby girl Nyx, an 8 yr old kitty suddenly. She had never gotten sick before and I had to make the terrible decision to do a surgery that she most likely wouldn't make it out of, or lay her down. When they asked if I wanted her paw prints I said yes, but thought it would be an ink print. When they handed me the clay print and I could physically touch my baby's feet again, I lost it. This has been one of the hardest things in my life yet, and I can't tell you how much it means to me to have the paw prints. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-Nicole L., Pet Parent


“We just had to put our 22 ½ -year-old cat, Suzi, to sleep. Let me tell you, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I can hardly remember when we didn’t have her. The vet assistant brought her out in a nice box and then handed me something else. I couldn’t believe what she gave me—the paw prints of Suzi on clay! I have so many memories of Suzi but nothing compares to her paw prints that I can have forever. They brought me such joy and a smile through my tears. My husband is 80 and he couldn’t go to the vet’s. He was so upset. But you should have seen his face when he saw those paw prints. I don’t know who created this idea, but I can’t say enough about how caring and kind it is. Thank you for making it a little easier to lose our beloved companion of so many years....I’ve heard people over my lifetime say, ‘oh, it’s just a cat or it’s just a dog’, but the Lord created life and any life is so very precious. Every vet should do this and I wish you much luck in reaching out to them all and in encouraging them to use this momento to comfort those of us who cherish the ‘voiceless’ lives we were blessed with.”

-Sharon Z. Gonzales, Pet Parent, Cookeville TN


"I just wanted to write to you to tell you how very thankful I am for your thoughtful keepsakes of clay paws! I love the idea and have never owned one before.  Recently, my almost 15 year old childhood Golden Retriever had to be put to sleep due to a severe gastrointestinal lymphoma complication. It was a very heartbreaking experience for me and my family, but we were comforted to know that we were there with him till the end and he lived a long happy life.  A vet tech was clipping some fur for me and offered me a clay paw. It was an unexpected offer of sympathy and I eagerly accepted this cherished keepsake of my beloved dog to be made in his honor. It was so neatly done! The vet tech came to meet me at my car and when I held this imprint, it helped quiet the loneliness that struck me in grief all the way home without my dog. I felt so moved because I was planning to make a clay paw, but out of the craft kits found at the craft store, just hadn’t had a chance to get one yet. So glad I didn’t buy one of those kits, but instead received yours which is from what I’ve heard is definitely the only kind that lasts! To my surprise, there was no toxic smell to the clay and it came off the glass pyrex dish easily! I really love your perfect clay formula and will highly recommend it to other pet owners! Being so satisfied with your clay, I immediately visited your website to order a copy kit and some blue sculpey bake shop clay packets. The mold was a little more delicate to make, but it turned out after several attempts. We used the mold to make the rest of the paw prints right on the first try! I’m so glad that I made copies to give to every member of my family as a beautiful memorial of our beloved puppy...I cannot say thank you enough for making simple and lasting keepsakes in clay paws of our wonderful pets! They’re a lifetime of heartwarming memories preserved. I can hardly wait to use your products in the future to make memories of my next canine companions!  Please keep doing what you’re doing for pet owners! It’s very encouraging to have your clay available for any paw regardless of what size it is. You recognize each of our beloved pets’ uniqueness and you’re a wonderful help in making memories of them!"

-Denise A., Pet Parent


"On Christmas Eve, I had to put my soul mate down - Raleigh, my 12 year old Dalmation. My veterinarian and staff made an excruciatingly painful experience much easier by their compassion, kindness and thoughtfulness.  It could have been a much more difficult day for me.  As I was leaving, the tech brought me Raleigh's collar, and handed me something. I didn't know what it was until she told me that she had made an imprint of Raleigh's paw for me in clay, and told me to bake it, but that the instructions were on the enclosed card.  There will never be enough words for me to tell you what that simple gesture meant to me. Not only that my vet's office realizes and has these kits available, but that you offer this product. There will never be enough words to express my love for Raleigh, but I cannot believe that I am fortunate enough to have her paw print forever, because of this wonderful, wonderful product.  Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart. Your ClayPaws® print has helped me through a moment in time that will last a lifetime."

-Jean C., Pet Parent

“Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the ClayPaws® kit. We are in California and have just recently lost our sweet 16 ½ year old dog, Buddy. Before he left us our vet was able to make an impression of his paw using your product. Thank you for the memories. We were doubly touched to know that you hire developmentally disabled persons and that you are located in Fort Collins . Hit home with us as I work with the handicapped and my daughter was a student at CSU. We are touched by your product and wish your business a lot of success. Thank you.”

-Anne S., Pet Parent


"Our 12 1/2 year old pug, Jack, passed away suddenly last week. When I picked up his leash, I was presented with his paw prints. I cannot tell you how grateful we are that this vet had your product and was so kind to give us this memory of Jack. Needless to say, I was not expecting it and was a puddle of tears for several hours, which was not a bad thing. It has helped with our grieving. Thank you again for a wonderful product."

-Karen and Craig, Pet Parents, Richardson, TX


"I wanted to let you know how much our ClayPaws® prints have meant to us. Satin, our first of two litter mate sisters passed away July 2004 from cancer. Her sister Silkie passed away in February 2005 also from cancer. Both veterinary hospitals that treated our girls offered us the chance to forever capture additional memories of the "girls" by using your ClayPaws® Kits to do their paw prints. It has meant the world to us! Thanks again for your product. We wouldn't trade our ClayPaws® prints for anything."

-Linda and Ron F., Pet Parents


“I just wanted to write a brief note to thank you and your staff. Today, Sunday September 7, 2003, I had to take my black lab named Jack into the State University Animal Hospital to be euthanized. He fought a very tough battle with lymphoma. I was blessed with Jack eight years ago and my life will never be the same without him. Jack and I went everywhere together. Today was the toughest thing that I have ever had to do in thirty-two years. I had to have my best friend put to sleep and to say good-bye to him. After everything was over with, the doctor took him out of the room for a few minutes to transfer him into a box so that I could take him home. The doctor brought Jack back out to me along with this wonderful surprise, a ClayPaws® print from Jack. I can't thank you and your staff enough for this. I will always cherish Jack's paw print. Thank you.”

-William S., Pet Parent


“I want to thank you for offering such a unique idea as the ClayPaws® kits through veterinarians. I had to put my cat Angel of 20 years to sleep due to kidney failure. It was at that moment that I realized I hardly had pictures of her. Having the ClayPaws® print done right after she was put to sleep meant so much to me. It is such a sentimental and tangible item that I can look at and remember her by. Thank you for a wonderful, heartfelt idea. I'll cherish it forever.”

-Patricia M., Pet Parent


“I wanted to write and say thank you for such a novel idea with your ClayPaws® kits. My husband and I yesterday made the most difficult decision of our lives to put our beloved four-year-old cat Jake to sleep after a three month battle with hepatic lipidosis. Before the veterinarian made the injection, she walked back in the examining room with an impression of his paw for us. I was so moved. I plan on ordering one for our cat at home, our new kitten when we get one, and all of my family members who have cats whom I know will cherish this idea. Thanks again!”

-Jennifer S., Pet Parent


“Our vet provided a paw print of our Casey when we had to have him put down. We think it was a wonderful gesture and wanted you all to know what a good idea you have. Thanks!”

-Jim and Kathy, Pet Parents


"Thank you for creating ClayPaws® paw prints! We've lost two wonderful little poodles in the last six months. Their paw print plaques are nice, positive reminders of our beloved little buddies."

-Grace C., Pet Parent


"I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you I really appreciate your company. I had to put my 12 year old lab down on Tuesday due to cancer. My vet gave me the impression of her paw. What a lovely permanent reminder I will have of my wonderful, sweet dog. She will be missed terribly, but because of your product, I have a precious memento that I will treasure forever."

-Michele Z., Pet Parent


"I just want you to know how grateful I am to have such a wonderful memorial for my precious cat."

-Tracy B., Pet Parent


"My vet made me one of your ClayPaws® prints for my beloved greyhound Apollo when he had to be laid to rest and it has been so wonderful to sit and touch where his paw was, and how wonderful it is to have that 'piece of him'."

-Deborah M., Pet Parent


"I just wanted to say thank you for creating the ClayPaws® print kits. Even though we have lost our beloved pet, due to a terrible accident that took his life, we will always cherish our reminder of him with the ClayPaws® print that our vet gave us. My eight year old daughter is forever grateful that she has this momento to help her get through the grief process of her best friend, Dylan. Thank you!"

-Tawna S., Minnesota, Pet Parent


"I just wanted to thank you for having the ClayPaws® memorials. I just lost my little ferret three weeks ago and had him cremated. The veterinary hospital asked if I wanted them to save the paw print in a ClayPaws® kit. I hadn't really heard of it but thought it was a great idea. I just picked up his cremains today and his tiny footprints in the clay. Now that clay print is the most cherished memory that I have. I will always miss my sweet Raymond, but feel a sense of his presence with his paw print on my shelf next to his urn. Thank you so much for the feeling of 'having a part of Raymond still with me'. I can't begin to explain that comfort. Thank you again."

-Jenny T., Pet Parent


What Pet Professionals Say About ClayPaws® Kits:

 “My team has made paw prints for my clients for over 20 years and feel that the kits are a simple and convenient way to provide a lasting memento for a pet owner upon the loss of their animal. Many owners have commented that receiving a paw print added a personal touch to the sometimes impersonal process of their pet’s death. It’s one more way we, as veterinarians, can express empathy at a difficult time."

-Stephen J. Withrow, DVM, Flint Animal Cancer Center, Stuart Chair in Oncology, Colorado State University

"We use ClayPaws® Kits because ClayPaws® Clay is the best there is. We have educated our entire team as to the importance of these forever reminders of a love shared, a life gone, and the paw prints that will forever remain on a pet parent's grieving heart." 


-Coleen Ellis, Founder of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center 

& Co-Founder of The Pet Loss Center

“We have been loyal ClayPaws® customers for 18 years and, in turn, ClayPaws® have created many loyal customers for us! In fact, our long-term customers have come to expect a ClayPaws® print with each pet they have had and say they look forward to having a collection of memories from each pet.

We make ClayPaws® prints during two occasions, when pets are under anesthesia and when they are euthanized. Making ClayPaws® prints allows us to create a good experience during a difficult time for our customers.”

-Susie Marquardt, Linden Heights Animal Hospital, Winchester, VA

"As a devoted friend to everyone at World by the Tail and as someone who has been blessed enough to work with these amazing people and contribute some to their website; I can tell you that our own pet hospital in Colorado Springs has grown and flourished because of the many products and services that World by the Tail provides. Their products are second to none and allow us to show compassion and caring to our clients in simple, yet profound ways. You won't find a better company to support a pet hospital than World by the Tail!"

-Dana Durrance, co-owner, Mountain Shadows Pet Hospital


“We had a very special “friend” that we had to assist in going to the Rainbow Bridge.  We made a paw print and I baked it this weekend!  We cannot wait to give it to the owner who is a very special lady!  And yes it was as easy as you indicated! Thank goodness, because I realized we were all upset over the situation and everyone was not in their “most creative” modes at this time!! Thank you again for such a great product – it is precisely what I have been searching for to “give a special” remembrance at these sad times and it would not cost me an arm and a leg to provide it!!!” 

-Elizabeth S. Frohse, Practice Manager, Neshoba County Animal Hospital, Philadelphia, MS


ClayPaws® prints, what an amazing product, something so small can create an emotional response to last forever. I work at an animal hospital that makes a ClayPaws® print for almost every client that loses a pet. It’s a small keepsake that means so much to the client and the staff. We add the pet’s favorite color, decorative buttons, paw print ribbon, and pet’s name in the clay. Personalizing the ClayPaws® print and giving it to the client is how we cope with the loss. Making ClayPaws® prints is a part of our hospital culture. We have even received referrals because we cared enough to make them. I urge anyone who works in the animal field to make just one for a client and you will see the joy and the love in their tears.” 

-Daphne, Animal Care Professional, Houston, TX


"We have clients who have come to our practice specifically because we provide ClayPaws® prints. I wonder if you realize how far-reaching your products are and how deeply they affect people."

-Colleen, Sheboygan Animal Hospital, Sheboygan, WI


“We’ve been making paw prints for clients for a while but we were using an air dry clay.  We found that often it would crack and we didn’t find it durable.  Some prints made from air dry clay even broke and that was bad. I was determined to find a solution and that’s when I found ClayPaws® Kits. I just wanted to let you know I love the ClayPaws® prints and so do clients!!! They are awesome and they make a hard experience more positive!!!”

-Erin M., LVT, Associated Veterinary Medical Center, WA


"...when I give a pet's paw print to the owner, so many of them want to immediately hold the print and rub their hands over it. I've had requests from vendors wanting me to try their paw print kits that come ready to use in a can. I've never tried them because I know my customers would not get the same benefit from holding a can as they would holding their actual pet's print. Keep up the good work!”

-Steve Weaver, Carolina Pet Cremation, Raleigh, NC


“We love your Clay Paws, and our clients love the keepsake they have to remember their beloved cats (and an occasional dog). We have a talented technician who bakes and hand-decorates each one individually with the colors of the cat, their name and dates, and the touching charms we get from you. We include your brochure with our grief materials, and now we can like you and share your web site with our clients as well. Thank you from all of us at The Cat Practice.”

-Lori Coughlin, Owner, The Cat Practice


"We are very happy with ClayPaws®. I wish we would have done this a long time ago."

-Keith M., Practice Manager, Veterinary Emergency Care Center, Largo, FL


"I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate having ClayPaws® kits as part of our euthanasia protocol. The ClayPaws® print is mailed a few days after the euthanasia, along with a personal note. This makes for a complete condolence package along with a personal note from the doctors, as well as a donation made to Cornell University in the pet's name. At first, we were sensitive to using ClayPaws® kits with all of our euthanasias and just selectively used it. The feedback was so positive that we now do an imprint before the animal is euthanized so that ClayPaws® print has a bit of the animal's spirit in it. We are pleased to have a tangible memento to give to our clients to help them through the grief process."

-Carol T., Georgetown Veterinary Hospital


"I wanted to let you and your staff know how much our clients appreciate the ClayPaws® prints. It is a lasting remembrance that is truly special. I also appreciate the staff that helps with phone orders. They are so helpful and courteous! Keep up the good work!"

-Joyce Y., Heartland Pet Cemetery


ClayPaws® kits are a wonderful idea. They are very special for pet owners and hospital staff who have been close to the pets being euthanized.”

-Iris, Greensboro Veterinary Hospital


ClayPaws® kits are so great for memories when pets are euthanized. ClayPaws® kits have been so good for our practice. They also sell like hot cakes.”

-Gail, Family Pet Animal Hospital


"Thank you for your help! I had gone back to your site and looked around and found the free samples to order. I have done this and will present this idea to the boss as soon as I get them. I too was given one of these when my last dog (Molly) passed and I have it on my wall and cherish it immensely!" 

-Holly Churchill


"It is a very hard decision to put a loved pet down but when you do it helps to have a memento like the ClayPaws® print."

-Susan Hall, DVM


"The shape [of ClayPaws® patties] is easy to use and has great consistency and malleability. We really like them!"

-Gary, Practice Manager, Foster Veterinary Clinic, Foster, RI


“Thank goodness you followed the dream and made this product available!”

-Kristin W., DVM


“We have Puppy Kindergarten and people really enjoy getting a ClayPaws® kit in the packet we give out. They have been so good for our business with lots of positive feedback.”

-Karen S., LVT, South Putnam Animal Hospital


Customer Service


"Just wanted to say thank you again for the great customer service regarding the ribbon/charm mix-up and how quickly I got the correct ribbon and the other charms. Sheena went RUNNING over the Rainbow Bridge free of pain yesterday and it was yesterday that I got your package. It really meant a lot to me that you called me back so quickly and rectified the mix-up. You definitely practice what you say: Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority.”

-Debi Goldstein-Carlson, Pet Parent


“I have always been very pleased with your products and the wonderful customer service of World by the Tail. Thank you for giving me yet another reason to sing your praises :)”

-Dr. Sara Hopkins, Edmonds, WA


Veterinary Wisdom® Resource Center and We Care Brochure


“I love your company, lots of good info for my clients. I have used your words and training every day for the last 20 years. Keep up your blessed work and just know that you have made a big difference in this world to help people through their grief and [given] vets the tools to help them heal. Thanks!”

-Kristine Butto, DVM


"I LOVED your website. Through your writings and your website, your heart and passion for pets and their parents shines. It is now in my Favorites so I can utilize it as a resource."

-Sue Mocniak, BSW, LSW, MSW Intern, The Ohio State University

“Our goal is to help people feel less unsure or guilty about choosing euthanasia for their pets and your We Care brochure does that. I put them in the waiting room and, if people have questions, I suggest they read the brochure and I also refer them to all the wonderful resources on your website. We’ve also linked to your site from our practice website so it’s really easy for people to find you. The bottom line is that I just love the way you’ve constructed this whole process. It’s very helpful!!” 

-Wanda Auten, Radbill Animal Hospital, Philadelphia, PA


"Thank you for creating a way for me to memorialize my kitty, Claudie. Like so many other pet parents I am grateful to have a keepsake of my baby. I only wish I knew about your website before Claudie's passing. I would've included the heart pendant with her body when Claudie went to the crematorium.  Thank you for this website and the resources you offer. I have found solace in knowing my feelings are normal.  I'm feeling less overwhelmed by my guilt and sadness because of you all. I know each day will get better and the good memories will soon overshadow the bad memory of one day. Thank you for that."  

-Lynn A., Pet Parent


“I started out 7 or 8 years ago writing sympathy cards for our clients. My husband had euthanized another dog of ours and the staff sent me flowers. As the flowers died, it reminded me "oh yeah, my dog died too" which reopened that wound…so I got the blank cards from El Dorado Arts and began writing "verbal hugs" for people that lost pets, especially to euthanasia. Those "We Care" brochures just add to the comfort and acceptance of grief and the passing of a beloved pet.  Just for the record, last year I wrote 315 doggy sympathy and 258 kitty sympathy cards.  Death doesn't take a holiday. Ever. So you understand how valuable and necessary the We Care brochure is.

I wanted to tell you just how effectively they worked. I knew after reading the one sent with my regular cards that they would be a God send. When we got them, my husband Jeff gave one to a long-time client that had been deliberating over euthanasia for a while, wanting him to come to their house to administer to their pet. After they read it, they immediately decided to bring their beloved dog to our hospital to have it done there. You do not know how relieved my husband was that they became so compliant thanks to the brochure. These clients read the booklet and went on the [Pet Parent Referral Website]. It walked them through all the stages of what was to come. Thank you thank you thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!

I know our whole staff greatly appreciates having these helpful "tools" for our clients! Thanks again!”

-Donna Dineen, Dineen Animal Hospital, Wilmington, NC


"...Your website is also very helpful for me especially since my family and I were first time dog owners so this was our first experience with pet loss. I didn’t know what to expect so I was able to find plenty of grief support through your articles and downloading the free e-book on the Death of Your Beloved Pet... Please keep doing what you’re doing for pet owners! ...You recognize each of our beloved pets’ uniqueness and you’re a wonderful help in making memories of them!  Thank you for supporting disabled workers and Best Friends Animal Society as well! This makes me feel happy for buying pet lover products that go to needy causes for both animals and people."

-Denise A., Pet Parent


"I've never seen a more thoughtfully constructed website regarding all aspects of the heartbreak of losing a pet. This site is incredibly helpful, giving a wealth of information, guidance, and understanding that we found extremely useful and comforting. It's clear that the insightful group providing this information clearly understand how our pets become members of our family and how their loss dramatically impacts each of us. This website is a welcomed shelter before, during, and after your loss."

-Mark, Pet Parent, Quincy, MA


"Your website was truly oxygen to me. I felt like I was suffocating in my grief. I liked your website the best out of the other ones I found. I will tell my vet and my friends that your site is out there. I am so glad your website is there. Thanks again!"

-Chris, Brussels, Belgium - Pet Parent


Veterinary Wisdom® Pet Sympathy Cards


"Your cards have created a far superior relationship with our clientele than the flowers we used to send. We rarely ever got a thank you or acknowledgement from those. Your cards?? Doctors, lawyers, bank managers…you name it, death doesn't select a socio-economic level to devastate.  ALL come in to the hospital, teary eyed, telling the front desk how they never got anything like that in their life, how they "laminated" that card and set it beside the cremation urn of their pet!!! I am humbled. And I am grateful for a company like yours that delivers such a quality card.'

Here in Wilmington, NC there are more veterinarians per square mile than anywhere else in North Carolina! So it takes a lot of thought and caring to stay above the competition. We do that by caring about our clients and their pets. By the way, I wrote 965 cards in total last year…all of them your cards."

-Donna Dineen, Dineen Animal Hospital, Wilmington, NC


"Your cards are gorgeous--we love them.  We have received many compliments on these cards. Thank you."

-Camino Animal Hospital, Camino, CA


"I love this card (S81).  It says everything you would want to tell the client at such and emotional time."

-Salem Veterinary Hospital, Virginia Beach, VA


"Fantastic cards! They are great. Can't do without your cards!"

-Dineen Animal Hospital, Wilmington, NC


"Great cards--makes our clients really feel welcome."

-Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital, Stroudsburg, PA


"Gorgeous, wonderful cards!"

-Warren Animal Hospital, Phillipsburg, NJ


Veterinary Wisdom® About Grief Educational Enclosure Cards


"I had to put my own 3-year-old dog down recently and it just broke my heart. One day, I happened to read the Educational Enclosure card on grief and made the connection between the death of my dog and the lousy way I'd been feeling! Reading those cards really helped me with the loss of my pet. Now, I want to share them with others by giving these cards to our clients who lose their pets."

-Gloria Shergold, Veterinary Assistant, Fayette Veterinary Medical Center


"I shared with my Mom what your grief education cards said and I felt so much better to look at them and see that I am normal and why it's been so hard. They are wonderful and, after reading all of the cards, I saw myself in so many of the different sections. I just can't thank you enough for your grief education cards. Bless you very much."

-Linda B, Pet Parent


"I saw your Veterinary Wisdom® About Grief enclosure cards at another practice and purchased a number for our practice. Our employees think they are the best... and our clients love them!"

-Adrianne D., Hospital Manager, Animal Emergency Clinic, Bloomington, IL

Body Care Bags


"We want you to know that we think your Veterinary Wisdom® Body Care Bags are a wonderful idea and we're so grateful you created them! A product like this has been needed for a long time and I'm sure clients will appreciate them."

Reba B., Linden Heights Animal Hospital

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