ClayPaws® Paw Print Mold Products


Like a child’s handprint, each ClayPaws® print captures the unique markings of a pet’s paw.

ClayPaws® the original paw print kit™ is a Veterinary Wisdom® Original Product and is made in the U.S.A.

When you choose ClayPaws® Clay, you can be confident that you are making the highest-quality keepsake for your clients. You can feel good about this choice for your business too. ClayPaws® Kits are an affordable way to create client loyalty and staff satisfaction.

A ClayPaws® print preserves the memories of special times shared with a pet. You can use ClayPaws® Kits to mark the many

milestones of a pet’s life -- the first visit to your practice, the successful outcome of surgery or treatment and, finally, the loving end of a life well lived.

Made in the USA

“My team has made paw prints for my clients for over 20 years and feel that the kits are a simple and convenient way to provide a lasting memento for a pet owner upon the loss of their animal. Many owners have commented that receiving a paw print added a personal touch to the sometimes impersonal process of their pet’s death. It’s one more way we, as veterinarians, can express empathy at a difficult time."

-Stephen J. Withrow, DVM, Flint Animal Cancer Center,

Stuart Chair in Oncology, Colorado State University