We Care Referral Brochures

Veterinary Wisdom® about Preparing for Loss

We know how hard you work---and how hard your work can be---especially when clients are facing pet loss. We’d like to help!

Simply follow these steps to make us part of the referral network you rely on to help clients say good-bye to their companion animals:

  • Order copies of our We Care referral brochure. Our We Care brochure is the quickest and easiest way to tell clients about the resources available on our website. And it's always available to you free of charge!

  • Tuck a copy of our We Care referral brochure into your clinic’s grief packets or make copies available in your reception area or Client Comfort Room.

Thanks for making us part of your client care team!

We Care brochures are bundled in packs of 20 and are always free! To order, call us at 1-888-271-8444 toll-free, FAX us at 1-970-223-1226, email us at info@wbtt.com, or use the link below to order online. You may also request that we add them to your shipment when you order ClayPaws® Kits or other Veterinary Wisdom® products.


Not ready yet to get a whole pack of our We Care brochures for your clinic? You may request a single sample to review by using any of the methods listed above or by clicking on the link below to order online.



For our customers outside the U.S.
Due to international shipping costs, if you are not purchasing another product, we are unable to send We Care Brochures free of charge. Instead, you are welcome to download this printable version of our We Care Brochures to print for your clients.

Download and print our We Care Brochure.

We Care Brochures 
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Sample We Care Brochure 
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“...Death doesn't take a holiday. Ever. So you understand how valuable and necessary the We Care brochure is. I wanted to tell you just how effectively they worked. I knew after reading the one sent with my regular cards that they would be a God send. When we got them, my husband Jeff gave one to a long-time client that had been deliberating over euthanasia for a while, wanting him to come to their house to administer to their pet. After they read it, they immediately decided to bring their beloved dog to our hospital to have it done there. You do not know how relieved my husband was that they became so compliant thanks to the brochure. These clients read the booklet and went on the [Pet Parent Referral Website]. It walked them through all the stages of what was to come. Thank you thank you thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!

I know our whole staff greatly appreciates having these helpful "tools" for our clients! Thanks again!”

-Donna Dineen, Dineen Animal Hospital in Wilmington