Veterinary Wisdom® Pet Sympathy Cards

Sending a pet sympathy card tells clients what you want them to know---you understand the human-animal bond and their grief, you feel your commitment to them extends beyond the medical care of their pets, and you hope your caring relationship with them will continue. Our Veterinary Wisdom® cards carry all of those messages.

Each Veterinary Wisdom® card is a small work of art. Many feature designs originally created by Eldorado Arts Cards. Eldorado Arts was a much beloved pet sympathy card company for 25 years. Now, it's part of World by the Tail, Inc. Learn more about our card artists.  Read an article with helpful phrases for condolence notes.

Choose from Premium Pet Sympathy Cards, Fixed-Message Pet Sympathy Cards, and Select-A-Message Pet Sympathy Cards. Don't forget about our Educational Enclosures!


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Educational Enclosures
Our "mini-handouts" are filled with just the right amount of helpful information about pet loss. These enclosures fit nicely inside all of our cards.
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