Large Copy ClayPaws® Paw Print Kit

A Veterinary Wisdom® Original Product

Please Note: Our Copy Kit has changed. Sculpey has discontinued their product, Mold Maker. Luckily, our clay works just as well to make a reverse impression stamp! If you've purchased our Copy Kit in the past, please be aware that Mold Maker has been replaced with two additional ClayPaws® clay patties.

There may be times when you or your clients want to make additional copies of existing ClayPaws® prints. ClayPaws® Clay can be used as an easy way to make a reverse-impression stamp of a ClayPaws® print. This stamp can then be used to make as many new ClayPaws® prints as needed.

Our Large Copy Kit includes everything you need to make two additional copies of an existing print that measures over 4 inches in diameter:

Read our FAQ: Can I make a copy of an existing print?

See below for pricing and shipping information.

ClayPaws® Large Copy Kit
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""Thank you for creating ClayPaws® paw prints! We've lost two wonderful little poodles in the last six months. Their paw print plaques are nice, positive reminders of our beloved little buddies."

-Grace C., Pet Parent

Original White ClayPaws® Copy Kits - Large

Item#: WCKL  $49.95/each

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