January Garnet Charms
Item#: BCJAN  $6.95/6-pack

February Amethyst Charms
Item#: BCFEB $6.95/6-pack

March Aquamarine Charms

Item#: BCMAR  $6.95/6-pack

April Diamond Charms

Item#: BCAPR  $6.95/6-pack

Gemstone Charms

Gemstone Charms can also be used as birthstones or clustered together to make colorful designs. Each Gemstone Charm is a high quality 12mm Swarovski crystal rivoli that is easily pushed into our clay before baking.

Each individual gemstone is sold in packs of 6 or all 12 can be purchased together in our convenient organizing  container. The Gemstone Charms Starter Kit includes 6 each of our 12 Gemstone Charms.

See below for pricing and shipping information.

Gemstone Charms

Gemstone Charms

Gemstone Charms are sold in packs of 6 by type.

Gemstone Charms in clay.

Gemstone Charms in clay.

Sapphire Gemstone Charms in clay.

Sapphire Gemstone Charms in clay.

Press charms into clay before baking.

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May Emerald Charms
Item#: BCMAY  $6.95/6-pack

June Alexandrite Charms
Item#: BCJUN  $6.95/6-pack

July Ruby Charms

Item#: BCJUL  $6.95/6-pack

August Peridot Charms

Item#: BCAUG  $6.95/6-pack

All Gemstones (Twelve 6-packs)
One 6-pack of each of the 12 Birthstone Charms

Item#: BCALL  $83.40

September Sapphire Charms
Item#: BCSEP  $6.95/6-pack

October Opal Charms
Item#: BCOCT $6.95/6-pack

November Citrine Charms

Item#: BCNOV  $6.95/6-pack

December Turquoise Charms

Item#: BCDEC  $6.95/6-pack

For a Client Handout explaining the symbolic meaning of each Gemstone, click here.