ClayPaws® Tags



Our NEW customizable ClayPaws® Tags are the perfect way to let your clients know that you and your team are the ones who captured their pets’ love forever in clay. Your business name is printed on the tag to remind your clients of the compassionate, skilled support you offered them during their time of loss.


By providing this heartfelt memento, you are strengthening the connection between you and your clients, making them more likely to remain loyal to your clinic with the care of future pets. Don’t lose this connection because of confusion about who made the print! We often correct pet parents who call thinking that we made their prints for them. We want you to get the credit you deserve, so give ClayPaws® Tags a try!


ClayPaws® Tags are sold in sheets of eight tags and your order includes 8 pre-cut gold cords. These cords allow you to easily attach the tag to a baked ClayPaws® print by threading it through a pre-made hole. Alternatively, you can send the tag home with an unbaked print by including it with the baking instructions.

Please note: You will be limited to 50 characters (with spaces) when entering in your business name for custom printing during check out.

See below for quantity discount pricing and shipping information.

ClayPaws Tag
Sheet of 8 ClayPaws Tags
A Veterinary Wisdom® Original Product

ClayPaws® Tags
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