About Us

About Veterinary Wisdom®

World by the Tail, Inc. is our parent company. We bring you VeterinaryWisdom.com and the Veterinary Wisdom® catalogs. Our signature Veterinary Wisdom® product is ClayPaws®, the original paw print kit™. Our Veterinary Wisdom® websites, resources and product line help you and your clients honor the human-animal bond.

The products and resources that carry the Veterinary Wisdom® brand come from you—the experienced veterinary team. We worked with you “in the trenches” as members of interdisciplinary clinical veterinary teams for 20 years. Our offerings represent what we learned from you about providing grief support for clients. We're as dedicated as you are to providing high quality end-of-life care for grieving pet parents.

Wisdom is a blend of skills, knowledge, and attitudes learned from experience. Sharing wisdom moves your work from healing patients to also guiding clients, especially when you are providing end-of-life care in a Bond-Centered Practice. Wisdom is heartfelt. Wisdom is personal. Wisdom is what makes you you. As a professional, it's your own brand of veterinary wisdom that endears you to clients and co-workers. We hope our Veterinary Wisdom® offerings make it easier for you to share your wisdom and support.

About World by the Tail, Inc.

Company Vision


Imprint on the world the significance of creating meaningful connections.

Mission for Veterinary Wisdom®


Provide all veterinarians and pet crematories high-quality tools and resources that honor the emotional power of the human-animal bond.


Company Values


At World by the Tail, we value Teamwork, RespectCommunicationCompassion and Celebration. We strive to bring these values to everything we do and every interaction we have with each other and our customers.

About Team Tail
Our Leadership Team

Lora (Morehead) Kerr

Chief Marketing Officer

I am the Chief Marketing Officer and one of the members of the Leadership Team at World by the Tail, Inc. World by the Tail, Inc. has been in my family from the beginning. My mom, Debby Morehead, is a co-founder of the business. It has been so inspiring to watch the company grow and I am so happy that I can now be a part of it. I am very excited to be a part of this wonderful company!

Prior to working at World by the Tail, Inc., I was the Communications Manager for Cherry Hills Country Club in Denver, Colorado.  My husband, Matt and I have three children, our daughter, Ellie and twins, Hannah and Adam, who we joyfully welcomed in March 2016.  They are our sunshine. We also have two very spoiled dogs that we love dearly, Bella and Max.

Animals bring the gifts of love and laughter into our lives, and I am honored to be part of a company that treasures those gifts.

Bryn (Lagoni) Frisina

Chief Growth Officer

I am the Chief Growth Officer and one of the members of the Leadership Team at World by the Tail, Inc. I am in charge of developing new products and resources, managing our strategic partnerships, and always on the look out for new innovations that can help our company and our customers. I also manage our websites and oversee our online presence.
I feel very grateful to be part of this amazing company. My mother, Laurel Lagoni, is a co-founder and has been my biggest mentor to date. My sister, Kaia, and cousin, Julie, work here, too! My husband and I have one dog, Otto, who for many years was our only "child" until we welcomed our son in 2019 making Otto a big brother!

I love knowing that our company has helped to provide comfort to countless pet parents across the country and the world with ClayPaws® prints. It is my personal mission to be sure we continue to create and supply high-quality products that make it easy and convenient for veterinarians and animal care professionals to provide effective, compassionate care to their clients.

Our Customer Service Team

Kaia Lagoni

Chief Operations Officer

I have been involved in World by the Tail, Inc. since it first began. Growing up, I spent many summers shipping, making charms, and helping with the various marketing mailings we do. My mother, Laurel, is a co-founder and my dad, Pete; my sister, Bryn; and my cousin, Julie, work here as well. I am so excited and grateful to have joined the team and to be able to work with my family and the other amazing employees that work here!

In addition to my COO responsibilities, I also manage conference attendance logistics and oversee our Supply Chain Team. I grew up with 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 guinea pigs and they all showed me how unconditional a pet’s love is. I am very happy to be working with a company that honors that bond.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and exploring all that Colorado has to offer with my rescue dog, Quinn!


Mark Morehead
Chief Financial Officer

I am the Chief Financial Officer at World By the Tail, Inc. I have been involved with the company since the beginning but joined the team full time in 2019. I am a strong believer in the mission and vision of World By the Tail and have seen first hand the value of it’s products. My father was a veterinarian and I know the power of the human animal bond. That bond is our focus at World By the Tail, Inc.

Prior to joining World By the Tail, Inc. I was a High School teacher for 14 years. I have been married to my wife Sarah since 2006 and we have three wonderful kids! We also have two dogs named Kahn and Ichabod. I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family on our many adventures. I also coach high school football during the fall.

World By the Tail allows me to honor the things I value most in my life. I love the opportunities it provides and I am eager to see how much we can grow!


JoEllen Linderer

I am the Customer Service Team Coordinator and also a member of the Business Office Team for World by the Tail, Inc. I look forward to talking to customers and I’m committed to providing the best solutions possible to fill orders and answer questions. My favorite part of working at World by the Tail is being part of the springtime baby goat “nanny service.” Sometimes Tammi needs to bottle feed orphans from her herd and brings them to the office. When they are young, they’re content to lay on my lap. Listen closely when you call us and you may hear one bleating in the background!

Prior to joining Team Tail, I spent 25 years as an administrative assistant at Colorado State University. Most of those years were spent working for the Director of Development in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. I live in Fort Collins with my son, Ethan, and our dog Zoey.

Julie Hovland

I am so grateful to be working at World by the Tail, Inc. I am on the Customer Service team and responsible for invoicing orders and answering customer calls. I am also on the Marketing Team and do a lot of our follow up calls with new customers! Laurel is my aunt, so it is a great pleasure to be working with her, and my cousins Bryn and Kaia! I feel that ClayPaws® prints help to fill the void that is left when you lose a pet, and the love and care of the people I work with is so evident. 


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two kids.  We also have a dog named Lucy and she brings such joy to our family. My favorite part about working at World By the Tail, Inc. is the caring and fun people.


Cassie McArdle

I feel extremely grateful to be a part of the Customer Service team here at World by the Tail, Inc. I am responsible for invoicing orders and answering our customer service calls, so I may be one of the people you get to talk to if you call into us. World by the Tail, Inc. is such a close-knit group of people who truly feel like family. I love being a part of a company who is customer focused and whose goals are centered around helping pet parents heal from loss.


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and travelling with my husband as much as possible. I am lucky enough to be mom to a handsome little guy and a step mom to the two funniest girls. We also have 3 rescue dogs who are just as much part of the family as the rest! I am also the founder of a nonprofit animal rescue where we are dedicated to helping senior dogs who have been left behind in the shelter systems find families.


Amy Ebert

I became a member of “Team Tail” in August 2015 after moving to Fort Collins from Upstate New York.  I am so happy to be here! World by the Tail is such a welcoming and forward-thinking company! It is like I’ve just gained a brand new family.

My role at WBTT is still evolving. I began by learning the ins and outs of the Charms Studio—where all those cute, colorful clay hearts you use to decorate your ClayPaws® prints are created, by hand!!  Now, in addition to helping out with charms, I’m spreading my wings into Customer Service. Additionally, I assist with the creation and development of some of our educational and marketing materials and I manage many of our social media outlets.

I live in Fort Collins with my son and my menagerie of pets—two cats and a dog!

Our Supply Chain Team

Tammi Sullivan

I am the Purchasing Coordinator for World by the Tail, Inc. I also find it fun to be a "jack of all trades" and help out in other areas of the business, like shipping, when I can. Before coming to work here, I spent time in the military.

My favorite part about working at World by the Tail, Inc. is the opportunity to work with such authentically compassionate folks who truly care about people. Oh, and I love WAFFLE DAY!

I recently lost two of my canine friends and though I miss them, the experience allows me to understand what our customers and our customer's clients are going through. I still have a black lab, Dudley, who is a champion cross-dressing dog sometimes referred to as "Diva."

Ethan Linderer

I am the Shipping Floater at World by the Tail, Inc. So, I get to do something different almost everyday. I may be the one shipping or packing your order or I may have put together the kits of ribbons or charms that you receive. Wherever I'm needed, I am happy to jump in and help! It's great to have a job that allows me to wear a hoodie to work everyday! Also, I love dogs so I enjoy working for a company that does too.

Before joining Team Tail, I worked for a company in Florida in their Receiving Department. In my free time, you'll often find me playing video games or hanging out with my dog.


Marti Zehler

I am the Product Packaging Coordinator at World by the Tail, Inc. I package all of our ClayPaws® Accessory Kits. It's my job to make sure we always have all of our products ready to send to you when you order!

I am happy to be part of World by the Tail, Inc. because the part time hours suit me perfectly. I usually work in the mornings and leave the office around noon. This gives me plenty of time to go home and take care of my sweet, little dog, Willow.

I am wife to Rick and mother to two grown sons. My favorite part about working at World by the Tail, Inc., is the people. This is a great group to work with and everyone is very understanding about my desire to keep flexible hours.

Sarah Fishburn

Filling in when extra help is needed since December 2018, I absolutely love showing up to help in both the Clay Studio and Kit Assembly. It’s wonder-full to have an opportunity to do good work in the world. World by the Tail has welcomed me and made me feel appreciated since Day 1!

My husband and I have been married almost 47 years and share four grown kids and (currently) 11 grandkids ranging in age from 4-22, scattered literally everywhere; living in our house at the moment are only one dog and one cat - though I’m making plans for future additions! I’m an artist and writer with passions for interior design, reading, and travel. Thanks to Team Tail, I also run a Little Free Library by which you can always find a big bowl of water and a canister of treats for your pup(s), along with a hook for a leash if you wish to have a seat and peruse the (always free!) books, hands-free!   
Our Clay Studio Team

Jackie Devine

I am the Clay Studio Team Coordinator and my primary job is to hand make all the decorative clay charms used to personalize your prints.


I am also a registered nurse and have worked in numerous pediatric settings prior to joining World by the Tail, Inc. full time.  I love working here and having a part in creating treasured keepsakes for our customers!  


My free time is spent with my husband, three kids, a dog and two cats. 


Laura Ellison

I started helping out at WBTT in 2019 and quickly realized what a wonderful place it is to work. The atmosphere is so welcoming, fun, and peaceful. I mainly work in “Charmland” where the colorful, decorative charms are made. 


Prior to joining the Team, I enjoyed a 25-year career with the Federal Government as an Ecologist so I love the outdoors and wildlife! I also love to travel, hike, backpack, and dance. I live in Fort Collins with my husband and 2 lovable kitties.

About Our Founders

Laurel Lagoni


I am one of the founders of World by the Tail, Inc. Previously, I provided grief education and support at Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital as the Co-founder and Director of the Argus Institute for Families and Veterinary Medicine. 

My stand-out experience while working at World by the Tail, Inc., was helping a "movie-star" grizzly bear's trainers make ClayPaws® prints when he died of cancer. We sent ninety pounds of clay in three aluminum turkey baking pans and each paw print took three hours to bake. Grizzly bear prints are rare to find in the wild, so we contributed to science and to the family's healing process. In return, they sent us our own grizzly print and it is one of our prized mementos! Read my full bio.

Debby Morehead


I am one of the founders of World by the Tail, Inc. Previously, I was the Associate Director of Development for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. I was also Publications Coordinator at the American Animal Hospital Association for over 10 years. In my husband's veterinary practice, I have seen firsthand how the end stages of human-animal relationships affect both families and the practice staff. 

My favorite part of working at World by the Tail, Inc., is the overall feeling of satisfaction and pride. Most small businesses fail but we have made it -- no small accomplishment! I love what our business sells, how we sell it, that we provide jobs others enjoy, that we support Foothills Gateway, and that we have brightened the lives of many people at often a very sad time. Read my full bio.